Feb 032012

Hooray, there it is: the long awaited Amstrad CPC version of R-Type by Easter Egg. Ok, we already had a R-Type version for the CPC, but it was ported in just 21 days from the Sinclair Spectrum and looks like all the other Spectrum ports. Team Easter Egg got the original Spectrum source code and did an own port which perfectly fits the CPC. So this game is a must – so now you can download it from http://www.rtype.fr.

R-Type for the Amstrad CPC by Easter Egg
Jan 152011

Currently the team “Easter Egg” (Fano, TotO, iXien) is working on a remake of R-Type, because the original Amstrad CPC was only a bad Spectrum port. Now they give us a preview, which is presented by Xyphoe, so you can see how R-Type could have looked if they had more time for a real CPC port.
If you want to discuss about this video, have a look at the thread in the CPCWiki forums.

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