Mar 032009

During the last days, wasn’t reachable and only showed an errormessage on access. This happened because of massive spam attacks. Malc Jennings, the site admin, just gave a short statement about what happened and about the future of CPCZone:

“CPC Zone is currently offline due to persistent attacks on the server, the forum and various other things that are going on right now which I will not get into here. The site may reopen at a later date but I’m unable to commit to a date and time. The data that I painstakingly collected over the years is safe and sound, nothing has been lost.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the site this far, as I said earlier this is not technically the end of the site but it defintely needs a rest until some of the annoying issues are resolved.

Malc Jennings.”

Let’s hope that it will come back sooner or later.

UPDATE: There is currently a discussion in the CPCWiki forum if their forums should act as alternative until Malc has time to bring back CPCZone again.

UPDATE: Malc posted a first idea about how CPCZone could look after the relaunch. It’s a first mock-up in Photoshop, so please be patient.

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