Jun 272010

ZX81, already known for his CPC emulator ports for the Gamepark GP2x and the Gamepark Wiz, released the seconds CPC emulator for the Pandora handheld. It is based on his previous Caprice ports, so you can expect that it will work very well on the Pandora, too. You can download Pandora-CAP32 directly from ZX81’s blog.

Here are the differences to the original Caprice32 project:

  • Cheat support
  • Memory monitoring engine to find your own cheat code
  • Text editor to modify the global cheat.txt file
  • Text editor to write your own comments on games
  • Display first comment line while browsing game files
  • CPC Disk explorer
  • Auto disk startup support
  • Save state in gzip format
  • Screen size / Fit mode optimized for Pandora
  • Pandora Keyboard support
  • Save directories for snap and disk image on exit
  • etc, etc …
Jun 262010

Hdonk just released a “very alpha” version of his port of the Caprice32 CPC emulator to the new OpenSource handheld Pandora. It runs at 100% with 750 MHz with sound. Currently you need an external keyboard, because otherwise you can’t use non-alpha characters on the keyboard.
You can get this emulator from a thread in the GP32x forums.


  • More video optimisation
  • QT UI for controlling the emulator
  • PND file
  • Pandora keyboard map

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