Dec 192011

The newest episode (#145) of the Bitjam Podcast again features over 40 min of great tunes from the Amstrad CPC. The tunes were, like in the previous CPC episode, mixed by Jegougou, the logo was created by H2O and the whole thing was compiled by Bobic and also Grim helped to create this episode of the Podcast. Don’t miss this episode and download it from the Bitfellas homepage.

BitJam Podcast #145 by the Bitfellas

Track list:

  1. Kangaroo Musique – ILoveDH
  2. Shap – Hot Girl part (Tip & Mantronix adaptation)
  3. Targhan – Big’o’Full’o’Demo
  4. BSC – Space Debris (Captain adaptation)
  5. BSC – Zap’tBalls – Intro
  6. Jason C Brooke – Mega Apocalypse
  7. Duffy – Overflow’s Hi Tech preview
  8. Targhan – Suprapok – DemoIzArt
  9. Wee – Terrofoc Demo
  10. Crown – Prodratron Demo
  11. BSC – Prodratron Demo
  12. BSC – Digital Orgasm
  13. Shap – Byte98
  14. EA of Antares – Devotion Part II
  15. Zoom – Defloration

Total playtime: 42:26min.

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