Feb 132011

Some weeks ago, Norecess asked for informations about the state of the german CPC scene and I tried to gave him a brief overview about who is active and still using his CPC here in germany. He also asked Arnoldemu (Kevin Thacker) about the UK scene and Optimus about the greek scene and wrote about the canadian and french CPC scene, too. Well, you can now have a look at the result on his website :-).
P.S.: If I missed to mention you or just gave the wrong information –> hit the contact button and blame me for that ;-)!

Jun 092010

And another big demo party where also a lot of CPC users will participate – this time in Spain. The Retro Euskal – Euskal Encounter will take place from 22.-25. July 2010 in Bilbao. You can also participate in some 8bit compos:

  • 8bit music
  • 8bit graphics
  • 8bit intro (4kb)

You can get more information about the Retro Euskal on RetroAccion and on the Retro Euskal homepage.


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