Sep 192019

The Batman Group, well known for their great demo Batman Forever, showed one of their latest game projects in a small teaser on Youtube. As you can see, it is an arcade racer similar to Outrun, but features absolutly awesome graphics on the Amstrad CPC. I cannot wait to see this one released…

Vespertino teaser by Batman Group
Apr 162009

Arkos, known for many productions for the CPC, released a teaser for their upcoming CPC adventure game "Orion Prime", which will be released in French, English, Spanish and German. You can download the teaser from
Use a real CPC, if possible, it looks more beautiful on it.

Orion Prime - Teaser (CargoSoft)
Orion Prime - Teaser (CargoSoft)

Orion Prime - Teaser (CargoSoft).zip

110.5 KiB

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