Jun 072009

Ultrasyd just released his music discs some days ago, but it seems that he wasn’t unhappy with the music of “We Died Yesterday” and didn’t release it on his music disc. Because of this he used this song and switched to Renoise and finished it.

You can now download the finished song from the 8bitcollective.

UPDATE: The song is no longer available at the 8bitcollective (see Ultrasyds comment below), but you can get it and of course more of his music on his homepage.

  2 Responses to “We Died Yesterday – Ultrasyd”

  1. Hey, funny to find this page from Google. The song on 8bc was deleted because it sucks soooo much. It’s on http://ultrasyd.free.fr but is not worth listening.
    Thx for the post about the music disk 😉

  2. Hi Ultrasyd,
    thanks for your comment! I will update the news posting about it :). It’s great to see a new musician on the CPC!

    CU Tim

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