Aug 142011

Ok… I blogged you :-)! Ultrasyd, Krusty and Voxfrex released their new demo “Bloc us” on the Evoke 2011 demo party which was held in Cologne from 12th to 14th August. The demo was ranked on 9th place in the “Alternative Platform Compo”. It features great music, nice effects, is a trakmo… but watch it by yourself. You can download it from Pouet or at the end of this posting.

This is the live footage of the demo from the meeting:

Bloc us demo on the Evoke 2011 demo meeting
Bloc us
Bloc us
58.0 KiB
Jun 072009

Ultrasyd just released his music discs some days ago, but it seems that he wasn’t unhappy with the music of “We Died Yesterday” and didn’t release it on his music disc. Because of this he used this song and switched to Renoise and finished it.

You can now download the finished song from the 8bitcollective.

UPDATE: The song is no longer available at the 8bitcollective (see Ultrasyds comment below), but you can get it and of course more of his music on his homepage.

Jun 022009

Phew, so many news after the last meeting weekend :-)…

Ultrasyd just released a small music disc which contains four original Starkos Tracker songs. You can download it directly here.


Ultrasyd Music Disk 1
Ultrasyd Music Disk 1
14.9 KiB

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