Sep 092009

A new version of DSP, an emulator for various computer systems including the Amstrad CPC, is now, after a long time of development, available. You can download the new version from the DSP homepage.


Added Motorola 68000 CPU!
• General
   +BUG: Fixed a stupid bug when looking for automatic updates.
   +BUG: When you select the list of drivers the current driver pause and stays in the background
   +BUG: Fixed joystick.
   +BUG: M6809 – At last! Fixed the last bugs in the M6809 core and G’n’G works correctly, the music on the Express Rider, Super Basketball, etc
   +NEW: M68000 – New CPU core, with many bugs but enough for some drivers from starting up.
   +ENHANCE: NEC765 – Implemented ‘Hexagon’ protection and other improved features, more games now load
   +ENHANCE: Added functions for generic moving of 8, 16 and 24 bits for the decryption of ROMs (Popeye, Toki, etc)
   +NEW: Added Z80CTC and Z80PIO devices, still very basic and not working so well (for the sound of StarForce and Sega System 1/2)
   +ENHANCE: Organized files of source code for more clarity.
   +BUG: Fixed when trying to boot a driver without the ROMs, DSP error gave one exception
   +ENHANCE: Fullscreen mode implemented in a rudimentary way. You must restart the emulator to change to full screen (first select ‘Full Screen’ mode, and then restart emulator), and with the keys ‘ALT-TAB’ you can change from the emulator to main screen.
• Tehkan World Cup
   +ENHANCE: Implemented generic scroll, fixed the graphics bugs
   +BUG: Fixed problems between the main CPU and secon CPU, still problems with the audio CPU
• Popeye
   +BUG: Fixed some graphical glitches
• Commando
   +ENHANCE: Implemented generic scroll
• Psychic 5
   +ENHANCE: Implemented generic scroll
• Express Raider
   +ENHANCE: Implemented the priorities in the background, look at phase 3 ‘the tunnel’
   +BUG: Fixed audio speed, changed CPU clocks (I think they are more correct)
• Galaxian Hardware
   +NEW: Galaxian – Added driver without sound
   +NEW: Jump Bug – Added game with sound, the driver has problems with the NMI’s of the Z80 ¿?
   +NEW: Moon Cresta – Added driver without sound
• Rally X Hardware
   +ENHANCE: Jungler – Integrated driver in the hardware
   +NEW: Rally X – Added driver with sound
• Super Basketball
   +BUG: Implemented generic scroll. Fixed position, was a displaced one pixel
   +BUG: Fixed sprites colors
   +BUG: Fixed audio (music stay playing, no ball sound, etc)
• Bubble Bobble
   +NEW: Added driver with sound, for some reason the sound is implemented but not working
• Terra Cresta
   +NEW: Added a real driver with sound
• Prehistoric Isle 1930
   +NEW: Added driver without sound
   +BUG: Not implemented second scroll, problems with IRQs (hacked to work), no controls, etc.
• Tiger Road Hardware
   +NEW: Tiger Road – Added driver with sound
   +NEW: F1 Dream – Added driver with sound, for some reason the protection does not work, and I am using the bootleg version
• Snow Bros
   +NEW: Added driver without sound
   +BUG: Missing controls, does not work due to bugs in the M68000 core
• Toki
   +NEW: Driver with partial sound (missing OKI6295)
   +BUG: Problems with the M68000 and the synchronism of the scroll

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