Sep 042009

D_Skywalk, well known for his Amstrad CPC emulator Pituka for the Gamepark GP32, released a new version of his port of the Pituka CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii, which is called Wiituka. Here are the features of this version:


  • Bug fixes in libogc/grrlib with some TV sets
  • Page can be changed with + and –
  • Added option in XML to avoid connect to internet
  • Added internal mp3 player, feels the 80s!
  • In virtual keyboard now you can clean all binded keys using A+B
  • Participates in Scenery beta 2009

To download it, you need the Homebrew Channel installed on your Nintendo Wii. If you also installed the Hombrew Browser, you can comfortably download Wiituka directly with your Wii.

  One Response to “Wiituka 0.98.8”

  1. Hi all !!!
    D_Skywalk (David Colmenero) the coder of Wiituka (cpc wii emulator) has one free week to code the new version for Wii and Wii U.

    He ask for donations to buy a Wii U to make test. Actually he hasn’t got that hardware.
    Remeber Wiituka emulator is DonateWare.

    Open donations: 80€ now

    It’s needed few more euros to buy a second hand Wii U and check the new version.

    *LightGun I.R. support
    *Gunstick lightgun (10 games + 1 coming “Outlaws”)
    *WestPhaser lightgun (2 games)(Loriciel)

    *Magnum lightgun (11 cpc games)
    *Wii U version –> hardware needed –> please if you are wii & cpc user make a little donation.

    – The cpc winner game of CPCretroDev 2016 “Outlaws” lightgun version is coming.
    You would play it on your CPC, Wii or Wii U with lightgun or wiimote.

    spanish forum about it: (sorry spanish, please use G**gl* translator)

    public Git:


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