Apr 262014

OffseT released a new version of his emulator for the MorphOS operating system. It emulates the CPC old generation and, since the latest version, the CPC Plus, too. The emulator was written from scratch, so it isn’t just a port of an existing open source CPC emulator. If you are a MorphOS user and want to use your CPC software under MorphOS, don’t hesitate and download it from the ACE homepage.


  • Changes in the layout of various windows including the main window.
  • Improved tape to hard disc interface.
  • Improved configurable breakpoints (complex conditions, scripts, names…).
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added DK’Tronics memory expansion issues emulation.
  • Improved CRTC 0 emulation.
  • Added new AREXX commands.
  • Added a separate window for emulater screen monitor emulation configuration.

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