5 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. Mit dem Explorer scheint man nicht auf die Downloads zugreifen zu können???

  2. Hi,
    momentan stimmt irgendetwas mit der Downloadseite nicht (irgendwelche Skripte kommen sich da in die Quere). Ich versuche das momentan herauszufinden, kann aber noch ein wenig dauern, da ich im Moment (mal wieder) wenig Zeit habe.

  3. Hi, there’s some problem with the website, links on this page doesn’t work properly under Firefox 3.6.3, in fact clicking them does nothing. They can be opened in new tab, or with JS disabled. That’s because of onclick=”return false;” in the code. Please fix it.

  4. Hi Maciek,
    thanks for the info. I haven’t noticed it until now. Well, it is a plugin, which I use on my page, so I will have a look at it and try to fix that. If I can’t I have to contact the author of the plugin. Hopefully it will work again in some days.

  5. Are you the famous tom & jerry that made amazing intros and cracked games back in the beginning of the 90s?
    I remember you along with BM of CBS and X OR…
    i hope to meet you someday
    real genius
    thanx for everything

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