May 262017

Kevin Thacker released a new work in progress version of his Amstrad CPC emulator called Arnold. For this release he did a huge amount of testing, especially for the FDC routines, and wrote a lot of tests to ensure that the emulator behaves just like the real machine.

You can get a precompiled version here:

And for the Linux and Mac users (and Windows users :-)) – you can get the source code here:

Here is the changelog for this version (be prepared… it is huuuuuuge):

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Jan 262009

Nurgle released a new version of the Arnold / Linux CPC emulator. Arnold / Linux is a Linux port of Kevin Thackers Arnold emulator. You can download the sourcode and x86 / x86_64 binaries from the Arnold for Linux homepage .


  • updated emulation core by Kevin Thacker with better emulation accuracy
  • patches for the x86_64 release (now a x86_64 binary is available for download)
  • command line options to start in doublesize and fullscreen mode
  • pulse audio plugin for modern distros

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