Feb 082012

After three and a half years Nurgle updated his dsktools package for Linux. With the dsktools you can read and write DSK images to a floppy drive (USB drives are unsupported!). The new version now supports double sided disks, so you can now transfer newer productions like R-Type under Linux, too. You can download the latest version of the dsktools from the Berlios project page.

Nov 142011

The CPC Wiki needs to move from the server, which was kindly donated by Nurgle, to a new server again. It is aimed to move the Wiki to its new location on wednesday or friday, so don’t be afraid if it isn’t available during that time. You can read more about it in the CPC Wiki forums (if they are available Zwinkerndes Smiley) and I will try to keep you informed about the migration progress. You can find more detailed information during the migration progress when you follow Gryzors Twitter account (@krakout).

[UPDATE-19.11.2011] The Wiki moved to its new server this night and all seems to be working. If there are any problems, please report them in the forums or contact Gryzor.[/UPDATE]

Sep 142009

Last weekend the famous retro meeting XzentriX was held in Seeshaupt / Germany. I had no time to participate, but here are some pictures, which Nurgle took and two videos, too.

Pictures at Flickr.

Tolkin using his air pump (needs some drips of oil I guess ;-)):


A small scene of the Bavarian Kickoff Open:


UPDATE: Odiesoft uploaded his pictures, too. You can view them on his homepage.

Jan 262009

Nurgle released a new version of the Arnold / Linux CPC emulator. Arnold / Linux is a Linux port of Kevin Thackers Arnold emulator. You can download the sourcode and x86 / x86_64 binaries from the Arnold for Linux homepage .


  • updated emulation core by Kevin Thacker with better emulation accuracy
  • patches for the x86_64 release (now a x86_64 binary is available for download)
  • command line options to start in doublesize and fullscreen mode
  • pulse audio plugin for modern distros
Jun 302008

Andreas Micklei released a new version of his DSK tools. With them you can read and write DSK images to real disks under Linux.
This version fixes two bugs:

  • Added multiple try on reading and writing (PulkoMandy)
  • Writing to side B (François Lacombe)

You can download it from the dsktools Berlios project page.

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