Nov 142011

The CPC Wiki needs to move from the server, which was kindly donated by Nurgle, to a new server again. It is aimed to move the Wiki to its new location on wednesday or friday, so don’t be afraid if it isn’t available during that time. You can read more about it in the CPC Wiki forums (if they are available Zwinkerndes Smiley) and I will try to keep you informed about the migration progress. You can find more detailed information during the migration progress when you follow Gryzors Twitter account (@krakout).

[UPDATE-19.11.2011] The Wiki moved to its new server this night and all seems to be working. If there are any problems, please report them in the forums or contact Gryzor.[/UPDATE]

Aug 082011

You might have noticed that the CPC Wiki is currently not accessable. The server will move to a new hosting partner, but here is the original message by Gryzor:

“Hello dear CPCWiki members,As some of you have noticed, there has been some downtime as of lately. The host has said we cannot continue on this server due to the number of connections made, so we’ll probably be moving to a new one. It seems summer is always a period of moving! Anyhow, if you find that the site is gone we will try to keep you updated. You can check out, follow Gryzor on Twitter (username: krakout), or drop by and other CPC-related sites (like Phenix, I’m sure they’ll pick it up sooner or later).

Cross fingers!

The CPCWiki forum Team.”


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