May 292010

Due to an attack on the host of the CPC Wiki (not the Wiki server itself), the CPC Wiki is currently down. A backup will be uploaded to the server tomorrow. The backup is done every day, so no data will be lost.
Please be patient and wait until the server is up again :).

EDIT: And back again…

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  1. Thanks for posting that, mate… hopefully later in the morning we’ll start reupping the backup archive…

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  3. Funny. One Year After its down again. Nothing more on the Wiki page nor the Forum

  4. Jaja, so iss das. Mal schauen wann es wieder funktioniert…

  5. We’re trying to address the issue with the host. It did come up during the day, but it went down again. Hopefully things will have cleared by tomorrow… And of course don’t worry, nothing is ever lost due to Andreas’ efforts at backing everything up.

    Btw, Octoate, is the date on your server wrong?

  6. Hu Gryzor,
    huh? This is an old entry. The date of your posting is ok (1st August at 22:30 – at least here in germany :)).

  7. “old entry”? – unfortunately not, CPCWiki.EU has been down and even out of the DNS since yesterday.

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