Sep 272009

TFM released a german version of his game matrix editor for FutureOS which is used in the game “A tribute to the sisters” (a Giana Sisters remake). Here are the features of the program:

  • You can select graphics elements within 17kb or OCP screens, Mode 0 16*16 points
  • Create a gamefield matrix from sets
  • You can set special attributes for every graphic element in the gamefield matrix
  • only in german at the moment – time to learn this language 😉

You can download the program from the FutureOS homepage (download section) and you can also find an article about this program in the [[GSEd|CPC Wiki]].


Sep 142009

Last weekend the famous retro meeting XzentriX was held in Seeshaupt / Germany. I had no time to participate, but here are some pictures, which Nurgle took and two videos, too.

Pictures at Flickr.

Tolkin using his air pump (needs some drips of oil I guess ;-)):


A small scene of the Bavarian Kickoff Open:


UPDATE: Odiesoft uploaded his pictures, too. You can view them on his homepage.

Jun 192009

After the CPC Klassentreffen / CPC Reunion meeting, Tolkin released a WIP of the game “A tribute to the sisters”. This was a meeting version, so TFM now released the official WIP, which you can now download directly from the FutureOS homepage oder the FutureOS Yahoo Group.

A Tribute To The Sisters
A Tribute To The Sisters
Version: WIP
45.7 KiB
Jun 012009

Tolkin and TFM just released a tribute of their Giana Sisters remake which Tolkin showed at the german CPC Klassentreffen meeting. You can download a DSK image with the WIP from the dicussion in the CPCWiki Forum (and in the german CPC Forum).

Sep 082006
gerealkos-pre-small TFM and Tolkin released a preview of their upcoming CPC roleplaying game Gerealkos. You can download it from the FutureOS Yahoo Group (you need a Login to download the file). The preview shows the castle scene of the game with very fast scrolling.

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