Sep 102010

Do you remember the Amstrad Action? For sure! And do you remember the Amstrad Action tribute magazine? I hope so. The Retroaction magazine published an article about the making of the tribute magazine, so be sure to read this article.
If you don’t know the Amstrad Action tribute magazine, you can download or order the printed version (very high quality – I own one :)) from

Jun 192009

After the CPC Klassentreffen / CPC Reunion meeting, Tolkin released a WIP of the game “A tribute to the sisters”. This was a meeting version, so TFM now released the official WIP, which you can now download directly from the FutureOS homepage oder the FutureOS Yahoo Group.

A Tribute To The Sisters
A Tribute To The Sisters
Version: WIP
45.7 KiB
Jun 012009

Tolkin and TFM just released a tribute of their Giana Sisters remake which Tolkin showed at the german CPC Klassentreffen meeting. You can download a DSK image with the WIP from the dicussion in the CPCWiki Forum (and in the german CPC Forum).

Jun 102008

I already wrote a news about the release date of the Amstrad Action Tribute Magazine and now it is available. You can download a it for free from If you want to have a paper version you should wait some days until it will be available as a printed version on as well.


Jun 032008

Good news everyone ;)! Next week, on 9th June 2008, a tribute magazine to the Amstrad Action will be released after it was 18 months in the making.
Amstrad Action was the best selling and longest running magazine for the Amstrad CPC computer range and reached over 100 issues. Currently the last finetuning is going on and on next monday, you can get it as PDF (free) or as a printed issue (minimal amount of money) which contains news, reviews, interviews with the ex-staff of the AA, interviews with people of the scene and of course much more.
I can’t wait to get it and of course I will post another message here if it gets released next week :).

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