May 012011

Some regular users might have already found it – during easter I added a new egg… aehm… section to this site called “Articles”, which you can find in the top menu. I will add CPC related articles to this section, which I already had in an old design until I changed the CMS system. This means, that you will find some articles, which I wrote in 2006. The main reason was, that I still get requests from other sites to this articles – mainly the german article about how to change the drive belt of a floppy drive. I hope that I have the time to extend them in the future.

Another new thing, which was requested by some people about a year ago, is that you can now Flattr this site. Flattr is a microdontation system. You can find the Flattr button at the end of each posting. Well, it’s more an experiment, but I am interested to see if and how this evolves… Maybe it is possible to pay a round on the next CPC meeting ;-).  But the good thing is, I can now use it to flattr other blogs, too :-).

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