Sep 072019

You might have already noticed it – there are currently not that many updates on my page as you might have been used to. After a lot of different changes (where I do not want to bore you with details ;-)) I needed a time out from all that retro stuff. However, I am still around and visited at least the Revision in Saarbrücken, the Evoke in Cologne and the XzentriX in Seeshaupt. We also won the second price in the fast music compo at the Revision… I also recorded live videos of the CPC demos that were shown during the Revision and some of you are still waiting that I publish them, but they were too “shaky” and dark so that deshaking was not possible and I did not want to upload them in the current condition.

If you had an eye on the technical stuff of my pages, you might have noticed that I worked a little bit under the hood and installed Let’s encrypt certificates on my pages. I also moved this page one directory down, so that the main pages is now sitting on instead of Hopefully the rewrite rules are redirecting you, if you have still links to the content of my page, but please check the RSS feed integration (if you are using it). I also plan to get rid of the development blog and move it back to my weblog… anyway, that is not CPC related and both are german blogs :-).

Well, during the next time I will try to catch up with the news that was laying around for a long time. But my time is still limited and I am not able to read all the CPC forums where there might be news around. So if you have any news about the CPC or CPC related topics, do not hesitate and contact me via the contact page or just drop a mail to

Let’s bring our hobby to the next century :-)!

May 012011

Some regular users might have already found it – during easter I added a new egg… aehm… section to this site called “Articles”, which you can find in the top menu. I will add CPC related articles to this section, which I already had in an old design until I changed the CMS system. This means, that you will find some articles, which I wrote in 2006. The main reason was, that I still get requests from other sites to this articles – mainly the german article about how to change the drive belt of a floppy drive. I hope that I have the time to extend them in the future.

Another new thing, which was requested by some people about a year ago, is that you can now Flattr this site. Flattr is a microdontation system. You can find the Flattr button at the end of each posting. Well, it’s more an experiment, but I am interested to see if and how this evolves… Maybe it is possible to pay a round on the next CPC meeting ;-).  But the good thing is, I can now use it to flattr other blogs, too :-).

Jan 052011

Norecess, well known for his great utility and demo productions for the Amstrad CPC; has now his own homepage which you can access under This is a personal website where you will find all about his post, future and unreleased productions. Be sure to have a look at it!


Mar 192009

Devilmarkus updated the design of the homepage. Looks a bit like the Joomla template (cool_raji), which I used on this page before ;-). is a homepage where you can play CPC games online in an Java emulator.


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