Mar 132009

The third issue of the spanish fanzine “Revista de Usuarios Amstrad” has been released. It mainly features the 25th anniversary of the Amstrad CPC, but also contains interesting articles like programming sprites with the Z88dk C compiler. If you are able to understand spanish (I unfortunatly don’t) you can get the newest issue on the homepage.


Jan 272009

No joke, it’s back! After an absence of 4 years CPCOxygen, the online Amstrad CPC magazine, is now available in it’s 14th issue. Some articles will be added, but hey, at least it is there again :). Hurry up and read the new issue of CPCOxygen.

Jun 302008

As promised, the Amstrad Action Tribute Magazine is now available as a paper version. You can now order your copy directly at I can’t wait to get my version of it :)…

Jun 102008

I already wrote a news about the release date of the Amstrad Action Tribute Magazine and now it is available. You can download a it for free from If you want to have a paper version you should wait some days until it will be available as a printed version on as well.


Sep 122006

The XzentriX 2006 is over and I have to say: “It was great!”. Like every year there were much more people there then the previous year and – as always – a lot of CPC users =). You can find the pictures I took this weeking in the image gallery (XzentriX 2006 images).

Hicks from France released a new demo called “Boules et Bits”. This demo sets a new record of how many vectorballs are displayed on the CPC screen. The demo shows 42 balls at 50 fps. You can download a DSK image from

Villain released on the XzentriX 2006 a new issue of his papermag “CPC forever”. It is the first time that “CPC forever” contains an english article. In the future there will be at least english summaries for the articles. You can download it here.

Boules et Bits
Boules et Bits
Boules & Bits (Hicks).zip
18.0 KiB
CPC Forever 3
CPC Forever 3
Version: 3
2.2 MiB

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