Mar 152014

Norecess released the source code of his demo Phortem and his development environment for the Amstrad CPC called Phactory. Both projects are not maintained anymore, so if someone is interested to take over… :-). You will also find Ceds graphics and Arnoldemus track loader in Phortem.

You can download the source code from Norecess’ website.


Phortem by Condense


Phactory by Norecess

Mar 152012

Dinoneno released his new Amstrad CPC Basic cross-compiler. With this compiler you can write Locomotive Basic programs (with some smaller differences to optimise speed) on your PC and compile them into Z80 assembler, CCZ80 C code or directly to a CPC Basic program. The compiler is also able to directly create cassette images (CDT), disk images (DSK) or snapshot files (SNA) to use the program directly in an emulator. It uses the .NET framework, so it will run under Windows, but you can also use the compiler unter Linux with Mono or Mac OS with wine.
To help you programming Basic programs, the compiler also comes with a small IDE, which look like… Well, you should discover it by yourself :D.

You can find more information (e.g. about the differences) and the download on the CPC Basic 3 homepage.


Oct 272011

Norecess decided to release his self-developed IDE, which he uses to create programs and demos for the Amstrad CPC (e.g. his demo Phreaks or the command shell QuickCMD). So you now can have a look at it and use it, if you want, for your own productions (read the dedicated thread in the CPC Wiki forums on how to use the IDE). But be aware that he won’t give you support for the program! You can download it from Norecess’ homepage.

CPC related plugins of the IDE:

  • CPCBigFile: embeed a set of resources into multiple small files (such as BANK.C4, BANK.C5, etc.) to be put later inside a DSK CPC image file. Additionally to that, a description file is outputted so the position/size in memory of each files can be easily retreived later.
  • CPCBinToC: convert a binary resource into a C file
  • CPCBitmap: convert a bitmap resource to CPC format, multiple conversion options are available
  • CPCDSK: inject resources into a DSK CPC image file. Internally makes use of excellent ManageDSK tool. Each resources in the DSK can be edited, cf. execution address etc.
  • CPCPacker: compress a set of resources. Exomizer or BitBuster can be choosen.
  • CPCRawBitmap: convert a bitmap resource to a custom RAW data format. It has been used by example with Phreaks demo to convert all frames into a single large array of data.
  • CPCText: outputs RAW data from an edited text in UI. User has to provide charset (font).
  • HexEdit: simple hexadecimal editor. Default viewer for unknown file-types.
  • ImageEdit: simple image viewer
  • SDCC: compiler for C/ASM files (makes use of SDCC2Pasmo utility to use Maxam’s syntax in assembly source-code)
  • PixelCalculator: useful tool which helped me a lot to compute pixel masking in MODE 0
  • SourceEdit: source editor, internally based on excellent Scite editor

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