Mar 152012

Dinoneno released his new Amstrad CPC Basic cross-compiler. With this compiler you can write Locomotive Basic programs (with some smaller differences to optimise speed) on your PC and compile them into Z80 assembler, CCZ80 C code or directly to a CPC Basic program. The compiler is also able to directly create cassette images (CDT), disk images (DSK) or snapshot files (SNA) to use the program directly in an emulator. It uses the .NET framework, so it will run under Windows, but you can also use the compiler unter Linux with Mono or Mac OS with wine.
To help you programming Basic programs, the compiler also comes with a small IDE, which look like… Well, you should discover it by yourself :D.

You can find more information (e.g. about the differences) and the download on the CPC Basic 3 homepage.


Sep 172007

Emilio Guerrerog released a CPC Basic compiler for Windows (you need at least .NET 2.0). With this compiler you can write and compile your Basic programs on the PC for the CPC. It will generate an assembler file which you can compile e.g. in emulators like WinApe or WinCPC, which means that the compiled Basic programs will run faster, because they aren’t interpreted on the CPC.
You can download the compiler from the CPCBasic homepage (the page isn’t available in english, but there is a button to translate it).

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