Aug 142006

Today I searched for a new gallery tool which I can use instead the HTML generators I used before and luckily I found a extension for this CMS system which was very easy to install and is very easy to use. After I got the installation done, I added all the old pictures from the meeting reports into it, so you can now find the new system in the “Meeting Gallery” section in “Amstrad CPC” (links directly to the image gallery in CPC) and “Image Gallery” in the left menu. Enjoy the new system =)!

Aug 072006

Phew, after a loooooooong time, I managed to update my homepage and installed a new content management system on it. Currently, this homepage contains nearly the same contents like the old one, but I added my german articles, which were published on and in the papermag “CPC forever”. I removed the old contents about the TTL version of the IDE interface and the sound sampler, because they really got obsolet today.

Hopefully I can add a lot of more content soon (I already have some sections in my mind, but I am not sure if I have enough time) which means that I no longer will provide a CPC only homepage.

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