Apr 132017

A big task on my ToDo list for this website is to move it to HTTPS. If you have already tried to use HTTPS, you might have seen that the site already uses a valid certificate but the WordPress installation still uses insecure locations to load data. I will start this evening to move WordPress itself to HTTPS and there might be some problems with older content on this site. Hopefully the page will be normally working until next week (well – or this evening again, of course ;-)), so if you experience any problems, please use the comments or the contact form and help me to get them fixed.

[UPDATE: The website is using HTTPS now. If you are trying to use HTTP you will be automatically forwarded to the HTTPS version of the website. During the update process I had to remove the CPC Toplist, because the CPC-Live website uses a non valid self issued certificate (it expired), which would cause security warnings in your browser. During the next days, I will try to check most of the pages to prevent loading content from non secured pages :-). Hopefully the RSS feed readers will still work…]

Dec 302015

Push’n’Pop, a demoscene related website for the Amstrad CPC, is down since christmas. It seems that they had a server crash and were unable to bring back the website, so it will be closed forever. That are very sad news, because they hosted a lot of intersting discussions in the forums, scene related interviews, news, the Push’n’Pop awards, meeting announcements and meeting reports. So thank you for your work over the last years.


Feb 042014

Homebrew.at is a new website which is dedicated to Amstrad CPC indie games. All games are featured with some screenshots, a description and a short review. See for yourself and go to Homebrew.at.



Mar 272010

Ah spring-cleaning… Another page that does a relaunch ;). One of the longest running CPC pages has been relauched after two weeks of hard work. On CPCscene.com you will know find a forum and a news. Its intention is to keep the CPC users in touch and aims on english language. Be sure to visit the page and don’t forget to register :)!


Mar 012009

Maybe you already noticed it while you are watching this page: I have updated my website. The main reason was that I wasn’t very happy with Joomla during the last months. Yes, it has a lot of features, but it was the old version (1.5) and I didn’t want to update to a 2.x version. The user interface isn’t very friendly to me, if I compare it to WordPress, which I use for my weblog and I have no offline writer for it – which I have for WordPress. Another reason was that I wanted to unify the systems which I use and so I decided to migrate my old Joomla website to WordPress and you can now see the results here.
Well, I don’t want to bore you with details so have fun reading the news, maybe leave a comment and inform me (use "Contact") if you know anything which is missing here.

P.S.: I currently have dropped the meeting gallery and some of the old articles. Currently I am not sure if I shall bring them back.

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