Mar 182009

A new crossdevelopment tool has been released, the Wyztracker. The Wyztracker is written in .NET 2.0, so you need the Microsoft .NET runtime to run it on your system. You can play the music files with Artaburus CPCRslib for Z88dk. Currently the user interface is only available in spanish, but they are working on a release with an english translation. You cen get the files and more informations in the CPCWiki forum thread.


  3 Responses to “Wyztracker 0.2.19”

  1. Is this really a crossplatform tool? The Forum thread says it’s windows-only… Or does it run with MONO on Linux/Mac?

  2. You are right. The tool is a Windows tool, not a crossplatform tool. I haven’t tried to use it with MONO – maybe it runs with the latest version of it…

  3. WYZTracker is a Windows editor for AY,SCC and others soundchips mounted in MSX/ZXSpectrum/CPCAmstrad/Sam Coupe…working only with MS .NET

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