Jul 172009

In a posting in the german CPC forum, Kangaroo wrote that he will stop sponsoring the CPC sites which are hosted in his company. After the failure of the FTP server which hosted a huge amount of CPC stuff, the minor resonance of the CPC Klassentreffen here in germany, the high administrative support for the CPC Wiki and the gerneral quiteness of the german CPC scene, he formed his decision to shut down the sponsoring by the end of July. The affected sites will be the german FTP server, the german CPC forum and the CPC Wiki.
This won’t mean that the sites will necessarily shut down, but now the hosting must be paid. I will keep you updated about this topic.

Update (2009/08/08): Gryzors statement from the Wiki forum:

Hello guys,

Many of you must have heard about the situation with the Wiki and hosting and all (despite it being August). I just wanted to let you know that NOTHING will happen to the wiki Maybe some changes, but nothing radical, and we’ll soon continue running. Keep it up


  8 Responses to “Kangaroo will stop sponsoring for CPC webservices”

  1. I can offer you FREE hosting for life, without publicity. If any one of CPC community is interested please contact me at kurdoman@gmail.com.

  2. Thanks for your offer Radastan. I will inform the people who are responsible for the sites and maybe somebody is reading this and wants to get hosted, too :-).

  3. Same here, I can also offer FREE hosting ..

  4. I can also offer the above sites to get hosting for free and without publicity!

  5. Thanks for your offer, too. We currently have to wait until Kangaroo’s vacation will end and then let’s see what we can do to keep the sites up.

  6. Hello guys,

    Gryzor here.

    It’s a sad state of affairs, but of course it’s Kanga’s perfect right to withdraw support, so let’s all thank him for all he’s done up to now.

    I’ve been looking for alternative hosts, since I can’t really afford Kangaroo’s normal plans, but I don’t have anything final up to now, mainly because I’m nearly broke (new apartment, a wedding to plan and unemployment – hooray!). So I appreciate any and all offers.

    Just to let you know, the space CPCWiki occupies is around 23GB and the average traffic is 14-15 gigs/month (though these numbers contain the magazines, too, and since I suspect leeching, I’m prepared to remove them). So if you feel you could support this, drop a line…

    I’m also prepared to offer as much publicity as you want on the site, really, and of course all donations would go to you, such as they are.

    Just a detail, I think it’d be far better to have a sole domain, even with masking, than a subdomain, which complicates things a bit, but I think it’d be for the best…?

    Thanks to y’all 🙂
    aka Gryzor

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