Oct 142009

And another news game for the CPC brought to you by the Mojon Twins from spain. It has the strange name “Platformer Medley” which was originally just a development name, but the new name “A trip to the trippy supermarket, starring Mary Stormbringer” was too long and the development name already used ingame… Anyway… Platformer Medley is a jump and run game in the style of Jet Set Willy.
Btw, the Mojon Twins have already prepared a sequel which will only be released if you play through the whole game. If you finish it, you will get a keycode which you can send to the Mojon Twins and after that they will release the sequel. Nice motivation, isn’t it :-)?
You can download the game from the Mojon Twins homepage.


Platformer Medley Block #1
Platformer Medley Block #1
29.2 KiB

  2 Responses to “Platformer Medley Block #1”

  1. would be great seeing this running on GX4000 – btw i made some attempts on ZX-Basic Compiler at http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/programming/about-to-start-coding-stuff-for-gx4000-with-pasmo-or-boriels-zx-basic/new/#new – i guess wouldn’t be not difficult targeting La Churrera to GX4000 as well! 🙂

  2. Hi Nitrofurano,
    your project sounds very promising and I hope you can get it working. I really hope to see more CPC+ dedicated work in the future, too and if your project will be successful, I am sure that more developers will have a look at it.

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