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mojon twins | The Amstrad CPC news portal
Nov 212016

Some time ago the Mojon Twins released their Amstrad CPC port of their game Sir Ababol 2 (you can download Sir Ababol here). In Sir Ababol 2 you have to guide the main character, Sir Ababol, to the top of the six towers of Freezia. Of course you have to fight against several enemies which you will meet on your way.

Sir Ababol 2 by the Mojon Twins

You can download Sir Ababol 2 from the Mojon Twins homepage or at the end of this posting. The source code for the game can be found there, too.

Sir Ababol 2 by the Mojon Twins - in game graphics

The game was developed with the Z88dk cross-compiler by using the PSG player by Wyz, the CPCRSlib by Artaburu and uses the Exomizer 2 compression library by MetalBrain.

Sir Ababol 2
Sir Ababol 2
63.8 KiB
Sir Ababol 2 source code
Sir Ababol 2 source code
737.8 KiB
Jan 072011

The Mojon Twins the first game in 2011 for the Amstrad CPC. The game starts where the first game finished: You leaved the Storm Palace and are now in Phantomas’ Electric garden (a setting of another Mojon Twins game). Strange enough you notice that your hard collected coins disappeared, so you have to collect them again – or will you just leave without collecting all coins? It’s your decision…
Uwol 2 is a successor of the game Uwol, which wasn’t released yet (but will be in the future) and is, like all other Mojon Twins games, a multi-platform game. You can also get the source code as usual :).

Download the game directly from the Mojon Twins homepage or at the end of this new posting.

A bugfix version was released on January 15, 2011.


Uwol 2 - Quest for Money
Uwol 2 - Quest for Money
36.2 KiB
Uwol 2 - Quest for Money source code
Uwol 2 - Quest for Money source code
Version: 1.2
517.2 KiB
Oct 162010

And another game from the Mojon Twins: Sir Ababol. This time you play a young crusader named Sir Ababo which has to collect the strange ababol flowers and regain his sword so that he is able to keep journeying to Jerusalem.

You can read the complete story and download the CDT and DSK version on the Sir Ababol homepage. They also released the source code of game.

This game also uses the Z88dk C compiler with cpcrslib, the PSG player and Exomizer 2 for compression.


Sir Ababol
Sir Ababol
38.0 KiB
Sir Ababol source code
Sir Ababol source code
143.6 KiB
Oct 122010

The Mojon Twins released another game called “Lala Prologue”. In this game you play Lala, a trainee at the great witch academy, who caused a big mess while her teacher, Mistress Morgana la Marrana, was out to buy some potions at the supermarket. To make the long story short: you have to fetch all the filters and chemicals and you also have to fetch the keys to enter new areas in the game.
For more information on the game and its story, have a look at the game homepage. You will also find the DSK image, the CDT image and the source code of the game there. Be sure to download and play it.

The game was written with Z88dk and the cpcrslib, like Blue Angel 69, too. It uses the PSG player by Wyz for sound playback and Exomizer 2 as cross-development compressor.


Lala Prologue
Lala Prologue
45.4 KiB
Lala Prologue source code
Lala Prologue source code
172.7 KiB
Oct 072010

The Mojon Twins released a new jump and run game called “Cheril of the Bosque”. In this game you play Cheril, who wants to leave the jungle. But because you need thirteen days to leave the jungle, you need to collect food to survive – namely thirteen giant nuts.
Be sure to download the latest game from the Mojon Twins and play it on your CPC. You can download it from their homepage and from the download section of this page.


Cheril of the Bosque
Cheril of the Bosque
45.6 KiB

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