Oct 142009

And another news game for the CPC brought to you by the Mojon Twins from spain. It has the strange name “Platformer Medley” which was originally just a development name, but the new name “A trip to the trippy supermarket, starring Mary Stormbringer” was too long and the development name already used ingame… Anyway… Platformer Medley is a jump and run game in the style of Jet Set Willy.
Btw, the Mojon Twins have already prepared a sequel which will only be released if you play through the whole game. If you finish it, you will get a keycode which you can send to the Mojon Twins and after that they will release the sequel. Nice motivation, isn’t it :-)?
You can download the game from the Mojon Twins homepage.


Platformer Medley Block #1
Platformer Medley Block #1
29.2 KiB
May 182009

The Mojon Twins released another new game for the Amstrad CPC: Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle. It’s a platformer game, where you control the witch Nanako who wants to rescue her sister Mya. You can download the DSK file of the game from the Mojon Twins homepage.

Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle
Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle
41.1 KiB
Mar 272009

And another game release by the Mojon Twins. This time they released a game called “Nanako Descends To Hell”. Your aim is to find four pieces of an ancient artifact. Download the game now from the Mojon Twins homepage.


Nanako Descends To Hell
Nanako Descends To Hell
34.1 KiB

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