May 052012

TMR of Cosine (yes, a Commodore demo group) released his first demo for the Amstrad CPC. It is a reply to Benedictions Wake Up! demo, which was released on the Revision 2012. It features just a logo, a picture, a scroller and the Saboteur 2 tune by Rob Hubbart, but hey – it’s a first start on the CPC. You can download the demo from or at the end of this posting.

Snoozing by TMR(COS)
Snoozing by TMR(COS)
Version: 1.0
28.1 KiB

  2 Responses to “Snoozing by Cosine”

  1. It looks simple, but it’s done in mode 2 with all those colours, isn’t it?

  2. Correct. It is a Mode 2 picture (in this mode you can normally only use 2 colours), so you have to change the colour information while the CPC draws the screen. Which means that you need exact timing :).

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