Feb 192009

The Computer Emuzone Game Studio (CEZ GS) just released another game for the Amstrad CPC. This time it is a puzzle game called “Betiled” and features nice graphics and music and has a catching gameplay. Be sure to check it out on your emulator or – even better – your real CPC :-). You can download it from the CEZ GS Betiled page .

Amstrad CPC: Betiled

113.6 KiB
May 162008

Ok, in the last news posting I announced the game “Mariano the dragon” and now it is available. The game is written in C and they also included the sourcecode in the game package.
Go and have fun (and maybe write a game, too :)). You can download it from the page at the CEZ Game Studio.Mariano the dragon

Mariano The Dragon
Mariano The Dragon
330.9 KiB
May 062008

It’s strange, sometimes you find news when you don’t expect it. While reading in the Z88dk forums I found a link to the CEZ GS (Computer Emuzone Game Studio) where they just announced a new game for the CPC and the Spectrum. It will be an adventure game and “will be available sooner than you may think”.
Ok, so here is the preview screenshot:

Mariano the Dragon

Jul 102007

The Computer Emuzone Game Studio (CEZgs) just released a new game for the CPC which is called Aqua. In Aqua you will play a bubble which have to reach the water surface, but it would be too easy if there weren’t enemies like animals or plants. Try to help our little friend and download the game here.

Hint: Since it is a spanish game the ingame text is written in spanish. If you want to play via keyboard, you can redefine your keys with ‘3’ in the main menue, you then have to press the key for down, right, left and fire (in this order). After you defined them, press ‘2’ to play with keyboard controls.

Here are some screenshots:

Loading screen
Aqua loading


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