Sep 042011

I updated my Code::blocks (a powerfull open source development environment) template, which allows you to compile the “Hello world!” example of Norecess’ SDCC tutorial. The main changes are the update of SDCC2Pasmo and ManageDSK to the latest version. I also added an example file ‘defines.h’ which shows how to create multi-line assembler defines. I also defined the BREAKPOINT keyword, which you can add in your source code. WinApe will automatically start its debugger if it has to execute this byte sequence. You can download it from Norecess’ website and at the end of this post.


  • added SDCC2Pasmo v1.5
  • added ManageDSK v0.20
  • added defines.h to show definition of multi-line assembler definitions
  • added example BREAKPOINT (for WinApe breakpoints) and MODE definitions
Code::Blocks CPC SDCC template v1.2
Code::Blocks CPC SDCC template v1.2
Version: v1.2
412.2 KiB
Mar 232011

When Norecess released his tutorial on how to use SDCC for CPC program development with the C language, I set up a small example project for Code::Blocks, which is a free source code editor. Yesterday I had the time to update the project and added new functions. You can download the latest version from Norecess website and at the end of this posting.


  • Added SDCC2Pasmo v1.3
  • Changed project settings (filename can be set in project properties)
  • Changed post-build options to use the filename of the project properties
  • Added pre- and post-build batch files to execute own commands before and after the build process (e.g. for compressing files and adding files to a DSK file)
  • Added ManageDSK with example in post-build batch file which creates a new DSK image which contains all .BIN files from the bin/Release directory

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