May 152015

You have a great idea for an awesome Amstrad CPC game? You want to use a cross-compiler and all your powerful tools on your PC? You don’t know where to start to develop for the Amstrad CPC? Then you should definitively have a look at CPCtelera, a new game engine for the Amstrad CPC, which is based on the SDCC C compiler. It has a very good documentation, a lot of examples and is available for Windows, Linux and OS-X.
You can get the latest version from the official homepage or download it from GitHub.


  • A low-level library with support for: graphics, audio, keyboard, firmware, strings, video hardware manipulation and memory management.
  • An API for developing games and software in C and Assembler.
  • A complete multi-platform building system with support for building CDTs and DSKs automatically.
  • Tools for content authoring (audio, graphics and level editing)

Aims of CPCtelera

  • Delivering a convenient, usable and fast environment for developing games
  • Providing an up-to-date, detailed and easy to consult documentation
  • Giving technical details of the complete implementation for those curious
  • Easing the install and configuration process

Aug 042008

The Playputer SDK , a C/C++ framework which aims on virtual machine creation for playing games, got an update to version 0.4. It contains emulation for the Gameboy, the Gameboy Advance and – of course the most important for us – the Amstrad CPC. The CPC emulation is based on Caprice. You can download the newest version from the Sourceforge project page .

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