Nov 082012

It’s plasma week in Amstrad CPC land Zwinkerndes Smiley… Grim / Arkos decided to challenge Overflow, who just released his 4k demo “Yet another plasma”, and released a beautiful full-screen mode 2 raster, which is also very fast and fits in 256 bytes. As always you can download it from (don’t forget to vote) or from the download section of this site.


Plasmaminus (Arkos).zip
57.4 KiB
Sep 092010

You might have noticed it, the CPC Scene page changed it’s name to Push’n’Pop. Along with a server change, it also brought back the great CPC Radio which features game and demo tunes from the CPC. It was a huge group collaboration which made this possible, but you can read more about it on the Push’n’Pop homepage. If you want to listen to the tunes, then you can do that here.


Aug 202008

Grim of Mortel found a lot of old and unreleased graphics on his disks and decided to put the online. He has put them all onto his homepage and will update it if he find more unreleased stuff.

Here is an example, what you will find:

Primal Fight by Grim of Mortel

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