Oct 072019

OffseT released a new version of his emulator for the MorphOS and Haiku operating systems. It emulates the Amstrad CPC old generation and the Amstrad Plus, too. The emulator was written from scratch, so it isn’t just a port of an existing open source Amstrad CPC emulator. Due to its very precise audio and video renderings, ACE should be your first choice to watch demos – if you have a MorphOS system around.
If you are a MorphOS or Haiku user and want to use your Amstrad CPC software under those systems, don’t hesitate and download it from the ACE homepage.


  • Added management of plugins activation from ACE icon.
  • Fixed overflow detection in CRTC editor window.
  • Fixed the last kwown emulation issue of CRTC 3 (fixes Tennis Cup 2 intro).
  • Fixed wrong timing of OUT (0),A opcode when putting data on bus.
  • Added support for up to 4096K expansion RAM (compatible with MemCard 2M and CPC4MB).
  • Added support for new snapshot chunks MX??, so that up to 4160K can be stored.
  • Added preferences save from the menu (resynchronize the icon’s tooltypes with run time settings).
  • Improved joysticks plugin to make use on the sensors.library instead of the lowlevel.library (thanks to Szilárd Biró for his code examples).
  • Fixed small issues and made internal modifications to ease code portability.

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