Apr 202014

Doz released a new demo for the Amstrad CPC on the Revision demo party in Saarbrücken and hey… you can use your Amstrad CPC 464 to watch it, because it features a fast track loading program. The reactions of the crowd were quite positive, so let’s keep your fingers crossed for a good ranking of doz’ entry in the competition (the results of the compos will follow in a later news posting). You can get the demo from Pouet (don’t forget to vote) or from the download section of this page.

Live footage from the Revision 2014:

Breaking Baud Party Version
Breaking Baud Party Version
Version: v1.0
86.6 KiB
Mar 172011

Ian Gledhill released a new program to transfer recorded cassette files (WAV files) from various computers into the appropriate image file, which you then can use in an emulator. Currently it supports the C64, VIC-20, C16/+4, Acorn Electron, BBC, Sinclair Spectrum and the Amstrad CPC of course. The utility also comes with POSIX-compliant source code and binaries for Windows, Linux x86, AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, AROS PPC, AROS x86 and MorphOS. Currently the utility is a command line only program, but the author may add a GUI in the future. Give it a try and try to convert your tapes with this program and don’t forget to write about your experience with the program in the CPCWiki forum.

You can find examples and the utlity on the homepage of the author.

Jul 282010

Kevin Thacker released a new version of his 2cdt utility. With 2cdt, which is a command-line utility, it is possible to transfer files directly into a cdt tape image file.


  • Baud rate calculation fixed
  • Set/override load address
  • Set/override execution address
  • Set/override type
  • Define pause at start of file (length now can be defined)
  • Add extra block for bad arnold emulator which skips first block  (old version)
  • Spectrum ROM loader (I use this for my tape games)
  • Set name of file on tape

The ZIP file contains the Windows version and the source code to compile it under Linux. You can download it here.

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