May 112009

Targhan has just released a new version of his great music tracker STarKos. The new version can be (as always) downloaded as ROM or disk version from Grim’s Wiki pages (btw. have a look at them, they are an awesome CPC documentation collection, too).

Changelog for version 1.2:


  • Highlight of every X lines in the pattern editor (customisable).
  • A few colorsets.
  • Ability to find a new and unused track in the Linker (U key)

Bug fixes:

  • The players could alter one byte in the memory in rare occasions. DO NOT USE THE PREVIOUS PLAYERS ANYMORE !
  • The player generator could save on drive A when it should save on B.
  • When generating a song, the Execution in the header gives its start (but the Start remains unusable).
  • In very rare occasions, the current instrument could be destroyed after a disc access.
  • Modifying the second or third track would not validate the change if the first one was pointing the same track.
  • File selecting shifted bug corrected.
  • Wrong looping behaviour corrected.
  • Clipboard buffers were not set correctly. I had to shrink a bit the manual clipboards (Shift+F7/F8/F0).
  • Better disc code. No more crashes, and a little faster.
  • … A lot of tiny bugs corrected.


  • Bigger pattern editor.
  • Shift+Control + Up/Down on a note to increase its octave.
  • Q on a transposition to invert the sign.
  • Del on a transposition to set it to 0.
  • Ask to confirm when erasing a file.
  • Numbers of song/instruments on a disc written in decimal.
  • In the Instrument Editor, F0/. copy the line by default instead of creating an empty line.
  • Prevent the cycling of the notes when playing the highest keys.
  • You can set a different ùuser when running STarKos and the Generators, and the programs will use it.

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