May 042011

You might have heard of the Amstrad Expo party… after 10 years they did a reboot and changed the name to “ReSeT #0”. It is still organised by Eliot / Benediction and will take place in Coutances / France from 24th to 26th of June 2011. It is the biggest Amstrad CPC scene related event, so be sure that you won’t miss it. There are now also some new features like a big screen, competitions and an other platform corner. Competitions will be held in the classic categories Demo, 4K intro, Graphics and Music. If you can’t attend to the meeting, you can submit your production on the ReSeT #0 homepage.


Jun 022009

OFE has released a new demo called “KillMAX” on the Amstrad Expo 2009. The demo needs a Amstrad CPC Plus with 128k RAM. You can download it from


KillMAX (OFE).zip
154.2 KiB
Jun 012009

Only a day ago both big CPC parties ended and there are already pictures available. This news posting will collect the links to the picture galleries which are containing the pictures:

CPC Klassentreffen:

Amstrad Expo:

I will update this posting if more pictures become available.

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