Nov 102018

Wow… what a great game development competition – again! And the best of all: I was allowed to be in the jury which was a great honor for me. But let’s talk about the games… I guess that this competition has rised the bar of the quality of the entries again and the students used ASM instead of C. Finally the games Operation Alexandria by 4MHz (1st), Jarlac by Retrobytes Productions (2nd) and Legend of Steel by TOD Studios (3rd) won the competition. And they really, really, really deserve it, but download them (download link below) and you can see it by yourself.

My personal 2nd place (I had to vote for the playability), the game Taulellets by Vicente Jimenez, was finally ranked 17 – anyway, I still like it very much and I will play it from time to time for sure. It made me come back during the test of the other games to play a short round to get past the next level :-).

If you want to participate on the CPCRetroDev next year, be sure to download the games and have a look at the documentations in the games folder. All the developers wrote a small “Making Of” and all games contain the source code. So this is obviously a great learning resource for everyone who wants to code for the Amstrad CPC.

But enough from me… here are the results of the CPCRetroDev 2018 game development competition:

1Operation Alexandra4MHz(393) Best Game, Carlos Abril Mention, Gominolas Mention, Relevo Mention
2JarlacRetrobytes Productions(380) 2nd Best Game, Pablo Ariza Mention
3Legend of SteelTOD Studios(283) 3rd Best Game
4The Adventures of Timothy GunnCNGSoft(278) 4th Best Game
5OPQA vs. QAOP: The Final BattleManuel Sagra(261)
677 AttemptsUnknown Design(202) Best Student Game
7Foosball F3Quique Miquel(180)
8Deeper WarrensArnoud Bouche(162)
9The Rookie ThiefCPZenon Games(145) 2nd Best Student Game
10Crimson Knight AdventuresNibble Games(134)
11Harvest DayPixel Productions(129)
13Earth DefenderCarlos Perezgrin(113) Best Opera Prima Additional Mention
14Snake BubbleThe Bubble Club(106)
15The Last DebtRetrojam Games(105)
17TaulelletsVicente Jimenez(99)
18The Spirit Of HalloweenLab16Devs(98)
19The CryptRetroGamma(97)
20Cannon DuelsDavid Asta(96)
21Space CowboyVoxelTower(94)
23BringRGBackDead Pixel(74)
25Turtle SlamTurtleSlam(68)
26Space BallAltered Vision(67)
27Elfo Saves ChristmasNinja Pointer(66)
28Two Finger Death NowSpherp08(62)
29Cat PangLady Cats(61)
30Cuchara VoladoraCucharaVoladora(60)
31Fitzroy And The Infestationawergh(60)
33HacktankRetroleto Games(50)
35Invade SpaceProyecto Red(41)
37DisassemblerMachine Gun(40)
38Killing MachinePizzarT(40)
39Penalty KicksSakis Kaffesakis(40)
4118th Century InvadersLYSGames(3)

You can download the games in one package directly down below or from the download section of this site. More information about the game development competition can be found on the CPCRetroDev homepage.


CPCRetroDev2018 All Games
CPCRetroDev2018 All Games
105.4 MiB
Feb 022017

The first competition of the year in which you can participate is clearly the BASIC 10Liners competition for all 8bit computers with line oriented BASIC dialects. In 2011 and 2013 the contest was an internal competiton of the retro computer meeting NOMAM in Lübeck / Germany, but a lot of contributions came from all around the world in 2014 and only one was produced live on the meeting. So if you are able to develop a BASIC program for one of the allowed systems, you can submit your contribution (deadline 22nd April 2017):


  • All 8bit computer systems

Authorized BASIC dialects:

  • All line oriented BASIC dialects

You will find more information about the contest on the BASIC 10Liners competition homepage (scroll down for the english translation). You can also have a look at the results of the last year.

May 082015

The BASIC tenliners contest is over for a while now and so it is time to have a look at the results. There were 3 submissions related to the Amstrad CPC by Devilmarkus (Micronoid), EgoTrip (Bounce) and Corpiano (SOS Aereo) and lots of other BASIC tenliners for other computer systems such as the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Atari 8-bit. So here are the final results for the three categories:


  1. Carrera 3D (9.30)
  2. Cemetry Chase (8.50)
  3. Pear Picker on Ice (8.30)
  4. F*ck-Man (7.78)
  5. Mini-Breakout (6.50)
  6. Maze (6.20)
  7. Virtual Invaders 10% (6.10)
  8. Bad Square Swarm (5.89)
  9. Navigator (5.70)
  10. Stay Alive (5.56)
  11. Racer (5.50)
  12. Glider Fight (5.50)
  13. Mini Break (5.30)
  14. Joy Joy Revolution (5.20)
  15. Apple Max (5.10)
  16. Olympics 6502 (4.80)
  17. Schifoan (4.78)
  18. Re-Action (4.10)
  19. Ringtoss (4.00)
  20. Get (3.90)
  21. Simon (3.70)
  22. Overtake (3.67)
  23. Air-Threat (3.60)
  24. Magic Cards (3.50)
  25. Hangman (3.20)
  26. Chase (3.11)
  27. Procrastination (3.10)
  28. Hearts & Bullets (2.80)
    SOS Aereo (2.80)
  29. Flappy Dot (2.78)
  30. K1nderc0mp (1.60)


  1. Broad’s Revenge (9.50)
  2. SlideTen (9.20)
  3. can MaP (8.00)
  4. 3peak x 10lines (7.90)
    Run Little Man (7.90)
  5. Bounce (6.20)
  6. Micronoid (5.56)
  7. Walls 10% (3.90)


  1. Menu (3.0)

You can get more information about the competition and download the different entries from the BASIC tenliner competition homepage.

Jan 292015

“Write a game in 10 lines of BASIC” is the slogan of the fourth BASIC tenliners development contest. In 2011 and 2013 the contest was an internal competiton of the retro computer meeting NOMAM in Lübeck / Germany, but a lot of contributions came from all around the world in 2014 and only one was produced live on the meeting. So if you are able to develop a BASIC program for one of the following systems, you can send in your contribution (other BASIC dialects are approved if you show your program on the original hardware live on the NOMAM meeting at 11.04.2015):


  • Atari 8-Bit
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore 128
  • Amstrad CPC

Authorized BASIC dialects:

  • Atari BASIC (A8)
  • Turbo BASIC XL (A8)
  • Altirra BASIC (A8)
  • Commodore BASIC V2 (C64)
  • Simon’s BASIC (C64)
  • Commodore BASIC 7.0 (C128)
  • Locomotive BASIC 1.0 (Amstrad CPC)
  • Locomotive BASIC 1.1 (Amstrad CPC)

You will find more information about the BASIC tenliners contest in the CPCWiki forums.

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