Dec 212016

Nibiru is a new game for the Amstrad CPC written with the Locomotive BASIC extension 8BP (= 8 bits of power) by Jose Javier Garcia Aranda. Nibiru is a side-scrolling action game in the tradition of games like R-Type or Nemesis. You can download the game from the authors GitHub repository (you will also find the source code there) or at the end of this page.


190.2 KiB
Dec 072016

Phoenix is a Space Invaders like arcade game written by Amstar in 1980 directly for an arcade machine. Norbert Kehrer thought that it would be possible to emulate this machine on the Amstrad CPC with the Z80, so he wrote an emulator, which uses the ROM of the arcade game and emulates the complete machine including the graphics and sound hardware. Besides some smaller bugs, which he wants to fix in the future, it runs fine on the Amstrad CPC.
You can download the latest version of the game from his homepage.

Nov 052016

Reidrac released a new game called Magica for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you play a sorceress who needs to recollect all the magic potions, which were stolen from her laboratory. During a level you have 50 seconds to beat all enemies and collect the potions.

Magica Ingame

The game features nice graphics, music and 5o levels to compete with the enemies. It runs on an Amstrad CPC 464, so only 64k RAM is needed and was written by using Artaburus CPCRSlib and the PSG player by WYZ. You can download the game from the Magica homepage or at the end of this news.

Version: v1.0.2
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Sep 272016

Vector Vaults is a new arcade game for the Amstrad CPC. It is based on vector graphics with 25 frames per seconds and also features multi dimensional and pixel precise scrolling. You have to pilot your ship through nine levels. The game was written with CPCtelera, SDCC and assembler.

In the game you play Samuel, who is flying a virtual avatar shaped like a ship which has to break through different security levels. You control the ship with the keyboard (O, P, Q, A and SPACE) or joystick. Here is a short video showing the gameplay of Vector Vaults:

You can get the game in three different version:

  • Free version – you can download the DSK image from the Vector Vaults homepage and at the end of this news
  • Personalized digital copy – For 5 EUR you will get a digital copy of a personalized version
  • Personalized physical copy – You get a 3 inch version of the game for 18 EUR (plus shipping costs), which will also feature a nice box, a short manual and your name in the credits section.

Be sure to download the game from the Vector Vaults homepage (or at the end of this news) and play it, if possible, on the real machine :-).

Vector Vaults
Vector Vaults
Version: 1.0
77.5 KiB
Aug 072013

EgoTrip released a new game called Lab Escape. It is a mini adventure, in which you have to escape an labor which exploded and have to avoid several enemies and collect money. It feature colourful graphics and nice music, so be sure to download it from the CPCWiki forums or at the end of the news.

From the technical point of view, this game is the first game, which was created with the AGD – the Arcade Game Creator – which can be used to create games for the CPC (and also for the Spectrum).



Lab Escape
Lab Escape
32.9 KiB

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