Oct 122019

ESP Soft released a new adventure game for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you wake up in the hospital of a space station called Euclides XXI. During the last three years, you have been working on analysation of a close temporal vortex near the space station. Try to find out what happened and how to get out of there.

The game is available in spanish and english. You can download it from the ESP Soft website (download the “ENG” version at the end of the page if you want to play it in english).

Feb 032014

ESP Soft released a new action adventure game for the Amstrad CPC. In the game you play the ex-soldier J.C. Gamber, whose mission is to fight the three gang bosses who control the district in which you live. On your way to the bosses, you have to fight gangsters who are armed with knives and guns.
You can download the game directly from Amstrad.es or at the end of this news.




La Guerra de Gamber
La Guerra de Gamber


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Oct 272012

ESPSoft released a new game for the Amstrad CPC, called Totems. Totems is a logic game similar to Columns which you can play with up to two players and features also different game types. You can download it from ESPSofts website.

UPDATE 2012/10/29:

  • New font type (not egypcian, sorry, but we think that is easier to read)
  • Bigger menu font
  • Now Play is de default option in the menu
  • We have changed the behaviour when the stones lay. No so abrupt now.
  • When playing in stage mode, before showing the partial scores, the brackground is clear to make the reading easy.
  • Added pause [TAB] and quit [ESC] keys during the game, they are redefinible.
  • When redefining, all the key assignation is deleted to allow the selection of previosuly assigned key.



Version: 1.1

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May 082012

Fresh stuff, directly from the RetroMadrid 2012: Sardina forever – a new arcade game for the Amstrad CPC, written by Javier Garcia and Felix Aranda. You are playing Sardina on her way to the TV studio and of course you have fans and anti-fans, who won’t make it easy to reach it. To control Sardina, you use Q, A, O, P or the cursor keys on your keyboard. To hit people, press 1, 2 and 3.
You can download the game from ESP Soft.


Apr 112011

A new platform game was released by GG and ESP Soft. Because there is only a spanish version of the game, I can’t tell you more about it, but it is very hard to play and features a nice retro style. You can download it from Amstrad.es and at the end of this posting.


Hora Bruja
Hora Bruja


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