May 152015

You have a great idea for an awesome Amstrad CPC game? You want to use a cross-compiler and all your powerful tools on your PC? You don’t know where to start to develop for the Amstrad CPC? Then you should definitively have a look at CPCtelera, a new game engine for the Amstrad CPC, which is based on the SDCC C compiler. It has a very good documentation, a lot of examples and is available for Windows, Linux and OS-X.
You can get the latest version from the official homepage or download it from GitHub.


  • A low-level library with support for: graphics, audio, keyboard, firmware, strings, video hardware manipulation and memory management.
  • An API for developing games and software in C and Assembler.
  • A complete multi-platform building system with support for building CDTs and DSKs automatically.
  • Tools for content authoring (audio, graphics and level editing)

Aims of CPCtelera

  • Delivering a convenient, usable and fast environment for developing games
  • Providing an up-to-date, detailed and easy to consult documentation
  • Giving technical details of the complete implementation for those curious
  • Easing the install and configuration process

Jun 212013

Kyuran ported his Nintendo DS Amstrad CPC emulator CrocoDS to the Apple iOS devices. It is heavily based on WinCPC by Ludovic Deplanque. Most modifications to make it run on the Nintendo DS were already made about 6 years ago. The source code is available on GitHub.

To use it on your Apple device, you have to open the .xcode file on your iPhone / iPad. The disk images (.dsk files) have to be send via iTunes.

CrocoDS-Amstrad CPC emulator for iPhone and iPad

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