Apr 192012

The Revision 2012 demoscene meeting is over and you (maybe) already read the article about the Wake Up Demo, the Stop that Nyan cat 4k intro, Krustys seminar about The inglorious Amstrad or the official competition results of the Revision 2012. Now Hicks took the time to write a Revision 2012 meeting report. You can read the meeting report on the Push’n’Pop homepage.

Apr 102012

The Revision 2012 and the Amstrad CPC was present in some of the competitions and “Benediction and friends” did a great job to promote the CPC. So here are the official results of the Revision 2012 demoparty (I highlighted the CPC related results):

PC Demo:
  1. PC-06: Rev.2 by GRX/PandaCube
  2. ReText by Brainstorm
  3. FLP-PordTuo by maq/floppy
  4. Rite of Ember by Nuance & Hermaniak
  5. Omnis ars imitatio naturae est by Nuance^eXtrait
  6. 0x4 by Linus, Zalza & Michu
  7. Bring me a flower by Numtek & Femke Japing
  8. Axxelerate by Frequency & Popsy Team
  9. Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation by SVatG & Desire
  10. Machine by Ümlaüt Design

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Apr 102012

Krusty / Benediction hold a seminar presentation about the Amstrad CPC on the Revision 2012 demoscene party in Saarbrücken / Germany. In case you missed it, you can now view it online, so here it is (it begins at 32m 20s):

Apr 092012

And another fresh release from the “Revision 2012” demoparty in Saarbrücken. This time it is a 4k demo by Benediction, Factor6 and Hooy-Program. The demo features nice music, a burning Nyan cat ;), lightmapping and a tunnel effekt. Be sure to watch it and download it from Pouet (as always, don’t forget to vote) or just at the end of this posting.

Here is the video of the intro:

Stop that Nyan cat
Stop that Nyan cat
11.6 KiB
Apr 082012

Benediction released a new demo called “Wake Up” on the demo party “Revision” in Saarbrücken. It is a trakmo, which also features nice effects and great music, so be sure to download it from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote for it) or at the end of this posting.

UPDATE: The demo was converted to Youtube, so you can view it without an emulator.

Wake Up
Wake Up
254.5 KiB

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