Mar 272014

TFM released a new version of the application framework CBM (Command Bar Menu) for FutureOS. The biggest feature of this new version are hotkeys, which you can use for every menu. CBM v1.8 is fully compatible with older versions.

You can download the new version from (in the download section).

CBM Hotkeys

Oct 222013

Marco Sowa will publish a conversion of the game Cyber-Chicken, which is already available for PC and mobile devices, for the Schneider CPC / Amstrad CPC in December. It will be available in two different versions: a 64kb and a 128kb version and you can also choose between disc or tape. It will be shipped in a “double-tape-case” with a cover and manual in 4 different languages. Additionally you will receive one of 111 posters in a limited edition (80 disc and 31 tape versions).

You can pre-order Cyber-Chicken for 15 EUR (tape) and 17 EUR (disc) excl. p&p and reserve your personal serial number on


  • pixel-scrolling in all directions
  • more than 45 sprites on the screen
  • up to 50fps 3D graphics (128 KB version)
  • 8 levels (128 KB version), 4 levels (64 KB version)
  • options for colour-adjustment, sound, graphics and gameplay
  • optimised for Amstrad CPC / Schneider CPC
  • play with keyboard, joystick or mouse





Oct 302012

TFM released a new version of his FutureOS. Besides some updates, the new version contains a new graphical user interface, called SPARtan, which only shows the icons you can use at the current state of the system. To activate it, you need to use the new “Config OS” utility. The new system and the config utility can be downloaded from the FutureOS homepage.


Nov 172011

TFM released the manual of his FutureOS in Word format (docx), which means that you can now read it on your PC. Thanks to MacDeath it is also available in  the PDF format. You can download the manual from and the PDF conversion from the CPC Wiki forum.

Sep 292011

TFM just released, as promised, a single version of his ROMManager for the Megaflash ROM interface and the Symbiface II . He also added the Inicron ROMBooster to the ROM, so you can now directly use up to 32 ROMs without installing the ROMBooster in ROM no. 15. You can download it from TFMs homepage (in the download section). You can discuss the latest version or report errors in the CPCWiki forums.

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