Aug 142016

The DD Studio released a new platformer for the Amstrad CPC called “Heroes Rescue”. In the game you play Fry from Futurama, who has to rescue other cartoon heroes from The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Marvel. Of course it is not that simple, because a lot of enemies from the same cartoon series will try to prevent your way to the top of the level. On your way to rescue the other heroes, you can collect diamonds to increase your highscore.
The game itself was developed with AGD (Arcade Game Designer) and features very nice graphics and a good playability. Unfortunately there is no ingame music and only some sound effects. Anyway, test it yourself on the real machine or in an emulator. You can download it from the DD Studios homepage or at the end of this news.

Heroes Rescue - title screen Heroes Rescue - title screen Heroes Rescue - ingame Simpsons Heroes Rescue - ingame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes Rescue - ingame Spiderman

Heroes Rescue
Heroes Rescue
Version: 1.0
117.7 KiB
Aug 052016

Reidrac just released a new jump and run game for the Amstrad CPC. It features awesome graphics, nice music, a lot of screens to explore aaaaaand Ninja Power aka Koga Magic :-). In the game, you play the ninja spy Kitsune who needs to collect the 30 pieces of the Golden Tail, which is a talisman with great power. But you can read more details about the story in the intro of the game. Be sure to download and play it – if possible on a real machine…
You can download the game from and at the end of this news. The ZIP file will contain a disk image, a cassette image and the game manual.

[UPDATE: v1.0.1-v1.0.3 some smaller bugfixes]

Version: 1.0.3
71.9 KiB
Mar 092013

Woohoo, a new game for the Amstrad CPC and it also features Zombies – great Smiley!. Relevo Videogames, a spanish independent game studio, just released their Jump and Run game “Invasion of the Zombie Monsters”.
In this game you play Ned, whose girlfriend Linda was kidnapped by a demonic evil shadow, which also brought chaos and darkness over the city. Fortunately Ned is the chosen one and the moon casts a spell on him, so now it is time to find Linda and defeat the evil. But you will also get more information about the story in the intro of the game.
The game features nice graphics and sound effects (and Zombies Zwinkerndes Smiley) and if you also own a ZX Spectrum or a MSX, you can play it on this systems, too. Be sure to test it on your Amstrad CPC or in your emulator.
You can download the game from the games homepage or at the end of this news.

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
Version: v1.0
72.1 KiB

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