Dec 232008

You remember the old CPC Reunion meetings (2001 and 2002)? If not: it is a meeting for all former active and active CPC users. Everybody is invited to come to the meeting and it would be great to see some non-german sceners like on the old meetings there, too. The party will take place from 29.-31. May 2009 in Erlangen / Germany.
During that time the “Bergkirchweih” will be held in Erlangen, too, so expect that we will visit it.
You can get more information on the official CPC Reunion 2009 meeting homepage. Btw, after the party on 2001 Brainblaster and Kangaroo tried to sell my disk box on eBay (I forgot it on the party).

Sep 222008

Do you know Simon or Senso? No? It is the music game with 4 buttons in different colors where you have to follow sequences and you have to replay them. Nilquader and Kangaroo Musique wrote a small BASIC game which is called “CPCMon”. Like in the original game, you have to follow the sequences and replay them, too. If you want to play the game, use the T, U, V and N key to press the buttons. You can download it from the thread in the german CPC forum .
You can play the game online, with Devilmarkus’ Java CPC emulator applet, on Kangaroos and Nilquaders homepage.


3.7 KiB
Apr 112007

During a chat with Kangaroo, he mentioned the traffic statistics of the CPC Wiki. There are now more then 7 GB of data stored in the CPC Wiki and the transfers more than 12 GB per month. Wow! It’s really the biggest CPC project in the internet and hopefully it will grow well in the future.
If you want to help, go to the CPC Wiki and add/edit an article.

Apr 042007

In the german forum, Prodatron asked if it would be possible to start a ranking site for Amstrad CPC pages. Kangaroo, who already hosts, a CPC FTP server and the CPCWiki, set up such a toplist system in a hurry, so it is now available under (you can also see the CPC Toplist button at the bottom of my page).
So, if you are a CPC website owner then please add yourself to the CPC Toplist and if you know somebody who owns a CPC website, then tell him about the CPC Toplist. It would be great to combine all CPC websites in one place!

Mar 302007

A new german CPC forum started yesterday and shall become a replacement for the big CPC forum at the CPC forever website. The maintainer tries to sell the whole website as he doesn’t have time to develop it in the future which means that another very big german CPC site will close it’s doors in the near future. Thanks to KangarooMusique and his company CMO, we will host this forum as long as possible :-).
So if you understand german, go to the new forum, register yourself and help to start interesting discussions.

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