Nov 082012

It’s plasma week in Amstrad CPC land Zwinkerndes Smiley… Grim / Arkos decided to challenge Overflow, who just released his 4k demo “Yet another plasma”, and released a beautiful full-screen mode 2 raster, which is also very fast and fits in 256 bytes. As always you can download it from (don’t forget to vote) or from the download section of this site.


Plasmaminus (Arkos).zip
57.4 KiB
Nov 032012

A new firmware for the HxC SD card floppy emulator was released. It features some bugfixes regarding SD card handling.
The HxC floppy emulator is directly connected to the floppy bus and emulates a complete disk drive. The disks, which are emulated by the floppy emulator, are stored on the SD card and can be selected by hardware buttons on the emulator or directly with a small program, which you can run on your Amstrad CPC.
You can download the newest version from the HxC floppy emulator homepage. If you want to order one, you can get one from Lotharek.


Nov 022012

Overflow and McKlain released a new 4k demo for the Amstrad CPC called “Yet another plasma”. As you can guess, it features a plasma Smiley. You can download it from (don’t forget to vote) and in the download section of this page.

Yet Another Plasma! by Logon System
Yet Another Plasma
Yet Another Plasma
7.0 KiB
Oct 302012

TFM released a new version of his FutureOS. Besides some updates, the new version contains a new graphical user interface, called SPARtan, which only shows the icons you can use at the current state of the system. To activate it, you need to use the new “Config OS” utility. The new system and the config utility can be downloaded from the FutureOS homepage.


Oct 272012

ESPSoft released a new game for the Amstrad CPC, called Totems. Totems is a logic game similar to Columns which you can play with up to two players and features also different game types. You can download it from ESPSofts website.

UPDATE 2012/10/29:

  • New font type (not egypcian, sorry, but we think that is easier to read)
  • Bigger menu font
  • Now Play is de default option in the menu
  • We have changed the behaviour when the stones lay. No so abrupt now.
  • When playing in stage mode, before showing the partial scores, the brackground is clear to make the reading easy.
  • Added pause [TAB] and quit [ESC] keys during the game, they are redefinible.
  • When redefining, all the key assignation is deleted to allow the selection of previosuly assigned key.


Version: 1.1
74.9 KiB

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