Mar 222010

A new version of Grafx2, a bitmap painting program, was released today. With this program you can draw in more that 60 screen resolutions (e.g. all Amiga screen resolutions are supported). It was written for DOS, but ported to use the SDL graphics library, so it is now available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD. You can download it from the Grafx2 page at Google Code.

Here are the main changes (full changelist):

  • Layers
  • Lua scripting to generate and distort your drawings
  • Helper for saving complex C64 formats (FLI)
  • Some bug fixes


Apr 092009

Lachlan Keown just released a new helpful utility for cross development. It’s intention is to help you to create sprites and loading screens for your developments. You can download the program directly from its CPCWiki article page.


  • Edit in Mode 0 or Mode 1
  • Export to MAXAM/WinApe ready assembler
  • Select palette from authentic Amstrad set of 27
  • Import any image file and convert to amstrad sprite or loading screen
  • Export a blank image with indexed amstrad palette for editing in external paint program. Can be reimported.
  • Includes a full test program to see your sprites in action on the CPC.

Oct 132008

Another great news for cross-developers: PulkoMandy released an updated version of his pixel-art tool GrafX2. The sourcecode is available and should compile under Linux, Windows and MacOS. However, currently only binaries for Windows are available on the GrafX2 website , but binaries for the other systems will follow. The software is avtively supported, so don’t hesitate to ask the developers for help, features and bugfixes.


Aug 202008

Grim of Mortel found a lot of old and unreleased graphics on his disks and decided to put the online. He has put them all onto his homepage and will update it if he find more unreleased stuff.

Here is an example, what you will find:

Primal Fight by Grim of Mortel

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